Abstract Water


"When they get called out, they finish the job in a timely matter. No half-way work, no screwing around. Get r done, should be their slogan."

Harmony R.

"We had a power outage early on a Saturday morning with a power surge about 2 hours later when the power was restored. It seems that the surge burned out the motor on our well pump. We called Coast Water Well Services. We were told that there was no one available until Monday to come to the house to change out the motor but they had the parts if we could find someone to help us. Our next door neighbor came to the rescue, again. We picked up the new motor and our neighbor changed it out. This morning we have water. Now, the whole process took more than one trip to Coast Water Well and Jack went above and beyond to help us with the repair even to the point of calling this morning to see if the water was back on. We will never forget the excellent customer service provided by Coast Water Well Services and highly recommend this company to everyone."

Leona W.

"We were able to call and get much needed advice from employees, and some calls were lengthy. They were reasonable in prices and would save you money if they could. We would definitely recommend this company to friends and family and also they have a customer for as long as they are there. They are very easy people to work with and also willing to work with you."

S. Amidon